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Our first breakfast in Calgary involved bacon and maple! Doughnuts!

Jelly on 8th Street SW

Taken from their website – “Jelly modern doughnuts is Canada’s original gourmet doughnut bakery café. Our delicious doughnuts, uniquely crafted by our talented pastry chefs and bakers, are made fresh on site throughout the day. We use only the finest quality ingredients in our recipes — locally sourced and organic whenever possible. A healthier artisan treat — a sophisticated update on a classic Canadian tradition.”

Jelly has every combination of doughnuts you could imagine. They are all crafted like cakes, with nice fancy flourishes not found at a normal doughnut shop. The shop is also well decorated with a lot of pink and modern furniture.

Bacon maple, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and S’mores doughnuts

We spent the morning walking around downtown Calgary, my SO showing me all the things he saw on his last trip and pointing out various tidbits of information he learned from his friends who lived there. The doughnuts gave us a nice sugar rush to get us through hours of walking. We took the Ctrain around time checking out the places to far to reach on foot and eventually when Lunch rolled around we weren’t as hungry as we expected to be so we headed to a nearby Vietnamese sandwhich shop that was recommended to us on reddit.

Thi Thi Vietnamese

We split a Banh Mi for lunch. The place was packed and standing room only. You get in and get your order and get out. The jury was split however on quality and taste.

Beef vietnamese sammich with extra red chili

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon checking out shopping options in downtown Calgary. Being such a busy bustling city there were a lot of shops set up to satisfy anyone’s shopping preferences many of them we couldn’t find back in California due to the weather differences. While in California our winter clothes are more designed for the vacationing cold weather experience, in Calgary winter clothes are a normal part of business and social life. Designed to suite the climate perfectly. Most of our options are big bulky ski and snowboard clothes in California. In Calgary they are designed to be lightweight and yet warm while still remaining stylish.

Many hours later after walking around it was time for dinner!

CHARCUT – “One of Canada’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants”

Charcut turned out to be a huge surprise for us. We had originally planned on eating at TASTE, but it turned out to be closed that day. We were with friends and wanted to find a place to share a dining experience with the whole group. We were walking along looking at the various restaurants and felt that Charcut looked interesting. Walked in with low expectations, walked out incredibly satisfied. Service, food, and atmosphere was all superb.

From their website –
“CHARCUT Roast House creates an inviting, memorable gathering place with high energy and spontaneity. The name reflects the influences of urban rustic cuisine: CHAR for the custom built rotisserie and charbroiler and CUT for the featured vintage-style slicer and hand-crafted charcuterie eating bar.

CHARCUT’s style of food is best described as local chef-driven cuisine, with Italian and Country French accents. In creating menus, our goal is to continue to evolve simple ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from small, local artisan farmers and ranchers, with herbs harvested daily from our own garden, minimizing the miles food travels. We like to know the first names of the people whose products we serve.

CHARCUT focuses great attention to detail on the quality of beverages served alongside the food. Ever-evolving wine and craft and cellar beer lists feature many small productions, rare finds and exciting New World varieties. The bar showcases back-to-basics style cocktails, handcrafted with organic ingredients, freshly squeezed juices and premium, small-production spirits.”

Bone marrow, escargot and sea salt

Charcut meat tray: sausages, cured meat and chicken liver pate with berry jam

Cheese and buns. Nothing’s special about that. Let’s move on.

Duck fat fried poutine, cheese curds and truffle gravy

Pickled veggies, fresh pretzel sticks and cheese dip

Asparagus and lemon sauce

Slow roasted heirloom beets

Another day completed with amazing meals and an amazingly good time!

All good things must come to an end, our last and final day in Canada awaits.