Langer's Deli

Mmmmmm, sammich! There really is no greater pleasure than a well crafted sandwich. Yes, there are people who just need two slabs of white bread, with a bit of meat and a bit of cheese. If you are reading this you are surely not one of those people. Sandwiches are an art form all of their own. The perfect sandwich is the one thing we search for, and the best part about sandwiches is every sandwich has the opportunity to be the best. In our hearts, all sandwiches are winners. Except the ones that don't even try.

The core - all perfect sandwiches are designed with one key ingredient, love. Sometimes the love is nice and thick, sometimes the love of melty and tastes like cheese, sometimes its fluffy like warm bread. But it's unmistakably love. We all first experience this magical ingredient in our lunch boxes back in grades school. The first time we showed up at school with our brand new Thundercats or Strawberry Shortcake lunchboxes. The first time there wasn't going to be any snacks from the teacher, but an actual meal in the box from mom. That glorious sandwich. Some came with crust, some came without. Some cut in triangles, some cut in half. It was always a delight.

And here we were, in Los Angeles, ready to head home after our trip and our last stop on the way back would be another glorious sandwich. Is there any better way to end a trip?

Langer's Delicatessen and restaurant was founded in downtown Los Angeles in 1947 and had a grand total of 12 seats when it opened. We are providing an excerpt from their website, a review by Nora Ephron, writing in The New Yorker:

"The hot pastrami sandwich served at Langer’s Delicatessen in downtown Los Angeles is the finest hot pastrami sandwich in the world. This is not just my opinion, although most people who know about Langer’s will simply say it’s the finest hot pastrami sandwich in Los Angeles because they don’t dare to claim that something like a hot pastrami sandwich could possibly be the best version of itself in a city where until recently you couldn’t get anything resembling a New York bagel, and the only reason you can get one now is that New York bagels have deteriorated.
. . . .
The resulting sandwich, slathered with Gulden’s mustard, is an exquisite combination of textures and tastes. It’s soft but crispy, tender but chewy, peppery but sour, smoky but tangy. It’s a symphony orchestra, different instruments brought together to play one perfect chord. It … is, in short, a work of art."

And a work of art it is. The only delicatessen that really comes close to competing with Langer's Deli, is Myer's Delicatessen, and to try them out you will need about $800 for the airplane ticket to Winnipeg, Manitoba. There was a time that I would of said it is well worth the 5 hour flight, but after finding Langer's in Los Angeles, that can no longer be said. And without further ado.
The famous #19
The #9 just because
The super tasty and wonderfully delicious #19 in all it's glory
This here is a real sandwich. #9

If by any chance you are any were remotely near Langer's GO! Be prepared for a wait and a struggle to find decent parking, but it is amazingly well worth it.

Langer's was the perfect ending to our trip in Los Angles. This was our last and final day of our Los Angeles trip! Over the course of one week we had spent time traveling around Los Angeles and Marina del Rey, checking out the foods and the sights.
We stayed in Hollywood Hills, just a short hike away from the famous Hollywood sign, slept in one of the most beautiful homes in the area, and dined at the Bazaar.
We found beauty down at Skid Row, tried something new for lunch at Baco Mercat, and admired the street art near Melrose Avenue.
We had breakfast off the famous Rodeo Drive, slept near the ocean, and watched the birds play in the morning.
We dined on fresh sushi at Sugarfish, had our first bowl of real Ramen for lunch, and rode our bikes around Venice Beach.

Los Angeles is an amazing place, with a whole lot of neat experiences and full of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Well, worth a day trip or two.

Our trip in Los Angeles has come to an end, but there's always another adventure! Stay tuned!