Mammoth Mountain - the life

Taking a break from the mountain, I decided to get up early to chase down some wildlife and see what I could find.
Early morning mountains.
I spotted movement in a field and notice it was a coyote hunting for food.

I noticed movement behind the coyote, and there was two of them!

Not sure if they found anything, but it was exhilarating to watch them hunt around.

It was then that right next to me I noticed a bird in a tree that I have never seen before.
I suspect it was a migrating Magpie. It flew away before I could get a better shot of it.

I found this hawk a few blocks down watching a stream for food. He wasn't happy with me disturbing him.

I thought for sure that would be it in regards to spotting life. I drove around for hours and didn't see anything else. The next morning I decided to give it one more try in a different area and I'm glad I did.
I was about to pack up and leave when I noticed that the deer were no longer paying attention to me and looking to the side. They were obviously watching something, so I looked as well expecting to see a larger herd. The hairs went up on the back of the back of my neck when I saw this coyote running across the field.
While the coyote was not running towards us (the deer and I) it was going full speed past us. I was a bit worried that it was either running from something larger. Or maybe to tell all his buddies about the deer and the human he found!
The deer decided they were done with this area and took off. I took that as my time to leave as well.
But not before a final farewell!

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