Mojave Narrows - Migratory Birds

Mojave Narrows located alongside an old riverbed in the High Desert. The area looks like a recreational park, more than a wildlife preserve, and in many ways it is. Despite the rough and rowdy use of the park by local inhabitants, the park manages to showcase lush plant growth and acres of waterways. In comparrision to the rest of the desert is beautiful oasis. Many species of animal, and plants that thrive in the area are scarcely found elsewhere in the Mojave Desert, including impressive strands of cottonwood and willows. The broad meadows, naturally landscaped by nature, are used for recreational activites by visitors and grazing by farmed horses and cows. The park is home to more than 1,500 species of watchable wildlife.

This unique location offers one of the only places in the high desert to view hundreds of animal and plant species with just a short walk through the Park.

October is the time for migration for many birds all over the country and large flocks of birds will be filling the skies over Southern California. Migrating birds have a long way journey as they make their way to Mexico and further South. Mojave Narrows Regional Park has been deemed, by many of these birds, to be the perfect place to stop for a few days rest.


Park Entrance Fees

Monday - Fridays (excluding holidays and special events) $8.00
Weekends and Holidays (excluding special events) $10.00


$1.00/dog. Must be on 6' leash at all times.


The place is a very popular spot for shows and gatherings for those who live in and near the desert so it is advised to get there as early as possible for bird watching. Arriving as soon as the park opens, allows for a chance to see many of these birds and we spent our Sunday Morning walking the park and admiring all there was to see.

Canada Geese
Northern Shoveler
Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Double-Crested Cormorants
Osprey up close
Common Raven and Osprey
Mallard Ducks
Green Darner
Great Blue Heron
Great White Egret
Lesser Goldfinches
Western Honey Bee
House Finch
Say's Phoebe
Red-Tailed Hawk
Western Bluebird