desert dystopia

It's easy to get lost in the desert. A compass helps, sometimes. The strongest navigation tool is having a goal. Follow the goal and the end purpose becomes clear. As time passes, we forget what roads we have taken and then got confused when things don't look the way they once use to. Going backwards or moving forward... it's never too clear when the landscape is full of disarray.
There's still life out here, but it's only passing by.
It's funny how memories work. A picture can create a thousand more in the mind. The test is how it works when there are no pictures.
What if the place you remember ceased to be.
What is left...
is what we are.
The past is still visible beneath the dust, but now it's a new memory. A new feeling. It's not always welcome, but it's too late.
How many take the long way home to avoid what use to be a former life.
A place of cherished memories and laughter
is now desolate.