Shukkeien Garden

We spent an amazing 36 days in Japan! We did a lot of traveling, and we went back and forth between a lot of locations, cities, and districts. To make things easier to read and write, we have grouped everything in our travels into city locations and not exactly by time. The Japan list of contents so far can be found here!

Here is Hiroshima! Our plan in Hiroshima was really to relax and rest our feet, but we spent almost a week there. There was much to see and do.

* Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
* Takashimaya and Odakyu
* Shukkeien Garden
* Mount Misen and Itsukushima Shrine
Late breakfast drinks at Nana's Green Tea - Matcha Tube Cake and Warabi Mochi and Hoji-cha (Roasted Green Tea) Latte topped with Hoji-cha Icea Cream

The Shukkei-en - The Shukkeien Gardens were originally built in 1620. They suffered extensive damage when the bomb dropped and later became a refuge for the victims of the war.

Right next to our Hiroshima pad was a neat little bar called Bar the Lounge Top Note. A nice quiet place for a drink in the evening.
Dinner at IPPUDO