Kyoto - Tsubara House

We spent an amazing 36 days in Japan! We did a lot of traveling, and we went back and forth between a lot of locations, cities, and districts. To make things easier to read and write, we have grouped everything in our travels into city locations and not exactly by time. The Japan list of contents so far can be found here!

Welcome to Kyoto! We were all over the place in Kyoto, visiting it twice, a week apart, during our time in Japan. The places we visited in Kyoto are:

* Hiiragiya -Hiiragiya Ryokan, Maruyama Park, and Nanzen-ji Temple
* Fushimi Inari-taisha
* Nishiki Market - Nishiki Market and the Philosopher's Path
* Tsubara House - Tsubara House, Exploring Kyoto, and Gion District
* Macaques and Temples - Arashiyama, Ginkakuji, and Kiyomizudera Temple
* Odds and ends and final thoughts on Kyoto.

Experiencing life in a foreign country as a local can really provide opportunities for new experiences. We were fortunate enough to be able to rent a 90 year old Machiya, which is a traditional Japanese town house, for a short term in Kyoto. We spent much of the time relaxing in the area and simply exploring what was within walking distance.
The house we found was very close to grocery stores, shops, and things worth exploring in Kyoto, it was also gorgeous.
This picture of the exterior and floorplan were taken from the Airbnb listing.
The entrance room (living space?) and what we called the stairway of death.
Two upstairs bedrooms.
The dining room (family room?) with a view of the backyard.
The very tiny kitchen (the norm in Japan), a sink area right off the kitchen, then bathroom and shower.
The outdoor tub and backyard.
Right outside and on the corner was Sherry a great little place for drinks and snacks.
1st row: 1st pic - three kinds of sashimi. 2nd pic - dip of wasabi octupus & dip of plum jelly fish, 3rd pic - shrimp with avocado and wasabi sauce, 4th pic - french fries
2nd row: 1st pic - vegetable tempura. 2nd pic - chicken liver. 3rd pic - deep fried chicken wings. 4th pic - chorizo (which was a lie, it was just a hot dog!)

We arrived at Tsubara house almost near the end of our trip, so we took a lot of time just walking around the local area and exploring.
We were very surprised to find deer in the city.
While grocery shopping for the next days homemade breakfast we saw these Ben & Jerry Ice Creams and couldn't resist bringing them home for dessert.
Next morning breakfast! Eggs, uncured bacon and toast! Unfortunately, the bacon is nothing like American Bacon. The bread in Japan is also very different, with much thicker slices but very addicting.
We found a local shop that served breakfast burgers and sandwhiches, which we were craving at the time at, SAGAN which were great and really hit the spot!