Kalalau Trail

In 2017 we visited the islands of Hawaii for 17 days. Snorkeling, driving, hiking, exploiring everthing that the islands of O'ahu and Kauai had to offer. To make things easier to read and write, we have grouped everything in our travels into city locations and not exactly by time. We visited Hawaii before, back in 2012, where we traveled around Maui for 8 days. You can read about our Maui adventure here!

We landed in the Island of O'ahu, where we stayed for 4 days then flew to Kauai for a longer visit. We ended the trip in O'ahu again before flying back home.

* O'ahu, Waianae - (Yokohama Bay, Kaena Point State Park)
* Kauai, Hanalei - (Tunnels Beach, Cannon's Beach, Makua Beach, Ke'e Beach)
* Kauai, Hanalei part 2 - (Kalalau Trail, Na Pali Coast)
* Kauai, Polihale - (Polihale State Park, Queen's Bath, Waimea)
* Kauai, Kappa
* Hawaii, Kauai - (Helicopter Ride)
* Hawaii, Honolulu Snorkeling - (Maunalua Bay, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve)

The two pictures below are panoramic views of each other. It's a long hike, almost completly uphill, and what feels like both ways. It stretches almost 4 miles round trip, and by far has some of the most pristine views of the ocean.

Before we get on to that... our location that we were staying at had many gorgeous flowers growing naturally on the property.

Pink's Creamery Kauai, the local ice cream shop is famous for its grilled cheese sandwhiches, filled with kalua pulled pork and muenster cheese!
Grilled cheese and milk shakes.
I don't recall where I got this bbq plate so enjoy a random street shot that may have been located in the general area....
Getting to the beach requires parking and hiking through a bit of residential area, but gorgeous waters in the other side.
Wild chickens can be found almost everywhere on the islands.
While it is more than likely there are several Red Crested Cardinals on the islands, I like to think this guy spent his time following us around to get his picture taken.
We had almost completed the grueling hour long hike when we passed this trio of surfers, all heading past us barefooted and smiling. This was the last place you expected to see surfers carrying their gear. Dedication!
Nothing better than a massage after a week of hiking and snorkeling. Hanalei Day Spay offers couples massages right on the beach.
Bar Barcuda, a great place for tapas and sharing a few small meals.
Right next to Bar Barcuda is a the Hanalei Bread Company, a perfect spot for morning coffee and pastries.
Coming up next, we drive around the island to Polihale!